How to get Vietnam visa for Indian citizen


• Complete Name: Republic of India

• Native Name: Bharat

• ISO-Code: IND

• Capital: New Delhi

As an Indian citizen longing to visit Vietnam in the nearing days, you can request your Vietnam visas in these two ways as it is required for your passage to Vietnam:

• By direct application via the Vietnam embassy/consulate

• By applying online through a visa application platform on the web.

Direct application procedure for the Vietnam visa from the Vietnam consulate/office

You can visit the Vietnam embassy in Indian at whatever time throughout business hours to check the visa application procedure with them while taking note of what is required from you as an applicant to the Vietnam visa. Firstly, you will need to contact the Vietnam embassy in India by these contacts:

Embassy of Vietnam in New Delhi, India
Address: 20 Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapury, New Delhi – 110 021, India
Tel: 2687.9852 (+ Ext); 2687.9852 (+20) (Consulate);
Fax: + 2687.9856 (Chancery); + 2687.9869 (Consulate);

Consulate General of Vietnam in Mumbai, India
Address: B-306 Oberoi chamber New Link road andheri (w), Mumbai (Bombay) 400 053, India.
Phone: 2673 6688
Fax : 2673 6633
Code : 00-91-22
Email: or

You however need to note that the direct visa application procedure can some of the time be a strenuous in that you will:

• Spend so many hours standing in the long queues at the Vietnam embassy. The process also takes about 5 business days, which is arguably too long.

• Spend a lot of your money travelling to the Vietnam embassy to make your visa application.

• Stop or alter your current responsibilities in quest for your Vietnam visa.

• Not be able to use this service during weekends and on public holidays.

All these inadequacies might be kept away from by deciding on visa on landing.

Online requisition method for the Vietnam visa on arrival

As an Austrian applicant to the Vietnam visa you will need to visit our website online and fill in the visa application form from that point. You then need to pay the visa service fee with us online as per to our guidelines. We will then shortly send you the letter of approval from the Vietnam immigration department and send it to you through email in 48 working hours from the time you complete your visa application.

Your letter of approval should then be printed for display for your identification when boarding a plane to Vietnam and upon your arrival at the ‘Vietnam Visa on Arrival Office’ at any of the international airports in Vietnam. Finally you will be charged a slight visa stamping fee to have your Vietnam visa stamped on your passport so you can legally enter Vietnam.

Benefits of the Vietnam visa on arrival:

When you get to apply online for the Vietnam visa on arrival through an agent such as us, you spare your precious time and money as well considering the fact that you will not have to travel to the Vietnam embassy as with the direct application procedure. This choice is more helpful and opportune mainly because it does not disorient your schedules as you should simply get to the web and apply from that point.

Critical points to note:

• Before you apply for your Vietnam visa, it is important you ensure you have your passport, should be acquired no less than six months in advance and two of your most recent passport photos taken within the last six months.

• The letter of approval you receive from us via email ought to be printed out in hardcopy for presentation when you collect your Vietnam visa.