Things to do on arrival at destination airport

On arrival Vietnam at your destination airport, you will see visa issuing office located in front of passport control counter. If you land in airport in Hanoi city, you will see “Visa Upon Arrival” office in old terminal or “Visa Application” in new terminal. If you land in airport in Ho Chi Minh city, you will see “Landing Visa” office. If you land in airport in Da Nang city, you will see “Visa Issuing Office”.

In order to get visa at the offices mentioned above, you should hand in: passport (or documents valid for traveling) + visa approval letter + Vietnamese Visa Application Form (This form available at the airport but we usually send this form in the email or you can download here to fill, attach photo and sign to save time on arrival).

– Wait to be called for paying stamp fee and get back the passport with visa inside.

Note: Please check your visa carefully and ask for correction immediately because you will have no chance to do after exit passport control counter.